Working at GKN Automotive

GKN.Automotive is a global business offering automotive engineering jobs and career opportunities around the world. To maintain our position as the industry leader, our team needs drivetrain engineers, manufacturing managers andexperts in a wide range of disciplines to come together to make a difference.


GKN.Automotive is a global company that positively affects the lives of people around the world every day.

As the market leader in driveline technology, our expertise and experience is playing a vital role in the industry’s evolution. Our people provide the support that automakers need. Together, our team meets the challenges and opportunities presented by technological change and new markets.

At GKN Automotive, we value the contribution our people make. We listen and strive to provide a workplace that places their safety and wellbeing at its heart.

We offer opportunities for people to develop their career, broadening their horizons with experiences that unlock their true potential.

Who we look for

We are looking for people who want to make a difference, talented individuals with the skills and passion to become leaders in what they do.

Whether you are pursuing a career as an engineer or an executive, choosing GKNAutomotivemeans joining a global engineering network with wide-ranging opportunities.

We recruit across all levels of the organisation throughglobalprogrammes and through our local operations.

我们为我们的文化感到骄傲,正在寻找志同道合的人,这些人分享我们的价值观。GKN.Automotive’sprinciples underpin everything we do, helping us to do business the right way.We aregrowing and always looking for great people to join our team.

Diversity and inclusion

Our people deliver advances这为客户创造了价值。这就是世界汽车行业领先的传动系供应商的原因。

Different cultures, ethnicities and genders bring more new ideas and creativity to GKNAutomotive. Wewantpeople of different backgrounds, skills and perspectives tobringtheiroriginality and ingenuitytoour teams around the world.

We treat people fairly and are committed to ensuring there is no discriminationtowardsany employeesor prospective employeeson the grounds oftheirgender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, colour, race or national or ethnic origin.

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